Site surveys are undertaken to evaluate the corrosion behaviour of different  environments, Cathodic Protection monitoring, underwater inspection of  structures, anodes,  and coatings  , Earthing and lightning activities by means of soil, water, location, stray current and so on testing.

Armin Industries Co. undertakes the following surveys and inspections:

  • Soil Resistivity Survey
  • CAT (Current Attenuation Test) Survey
  • DCVG (Direct Current Voltage/Gradient) Survey
  • Current Requirement/Drainage Survey
  • CIPS (Close Interval Potential) Survey
  • Stray Current Interference Survey
  • Polarization and On/Off Potential Survey
  • Coating Resistance Survey
  • Anode bed Resistance Survey
  • Buried Structures Natural Potential Survey
  • Overhead line Effect on Buried Structures Survey
  • (SRB) Sulphur Reduced Bacteria Survey
  • pH Survey
  • Carbonate And Sulphate Ions Survey
  • Grounding System Resistance Survey
  • Contact Voltage (Touch and Step Voltages) Survey
  • Lightning Protection Installation Survey
  • Lightning Protection Level Survey
  • Internal Cathodic Protection and microbial corrosion monitoring  and inspections.
  • Potential Profile, Current Distribution Survey of Power Plants, Take-off yards and substations
  • Sub-sea Platform inspection for maximum deep of 40 meters including repair, wet welding, cutting, anode inspection ( Cleaning, montage, re-montage, photography)and NDT tests (MPI, FMD, Thickness testes)
  • Sub-sea Pipeline inspection for maximum deep of 40 meters including coating and concrete repairs, anode installations, TP potential reading, span installation, wet welding, cutting, anode inspection (Cleaning, montage, re- montage, photography)