Earthing & Lightning Products

Earthing & Lightning Products

Earthing/Grounding Accessories

ARMIN supplies the full range of Copper, Brass Bronze Earthing/Grounding accessories as per detailed below:

  • Copper Bonded Steel Earthing/Grounding Rods
  • Solid Copper Earthing/Grounding Rods
  • Galvanized Steel (G. I.) Earth Rods
  • Earth Plates, Earth Lattice, DC Clips Taps
  • Clips Cross, Bar saddles, Square Clamps
  • A B G Clamps, Rod to Lug / Conductor / tape Clamps

Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rods
Copper Bonded Earth Rods or ground rods are the ideal driven earth electrodes; they offer the installer an economical and efficient earth rod grounding system.

Electrolytic copper is uniformly molecularly bonded onto a high tensile steel core to a pure thickness from 25-250 micron, thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolytic action.

The high tensile steel core ensures strength and hardness allowing the use of power hammers for deep driven systems.

Coupling threads are formed by a rolling process to ensure thread strength and to maintain the integrity of the molecularly bonded copper. The universally used thread rolling technique raises the surface of the rod.

Standard: BS 6651 / UL 467

Rod to Cable Clamp

Manufacture in brass / gunmetal to suit various diameter earth rod and cable.

Standard : BS2874/BS1400

Split Connector Clamp

Manufacture in brass /gunmetal, complete with bolt, washer and two locknuts.

Standard : BS2874/BS1400

U – Bolt Pipe Clamp

These are manufactured in copper with gunmetal back plates.

Standard : BS2874/BS1400

Flexible Copper Earth Bar

High conductivity cooper wire braid manufactured for bonding of doors & movable objects.

Groundbed Casing

The installation of an open hole deep groundbed with replaceable anode chains allows an economical design up to 300 m depth and requires the presence of a static water level.
The advantages compared to closed hole groundbeds are as follows:

  • Trouble-free unlimited life compared to erratic and short (5 years)
    life time of closed hole groundbeds.
  • Possibility of anode replacement, inspection, repair and replacement
    of chain components.

The unlimited lifetime of replaceable groundbeds is ensured by stable
non-conductive, corrosion resistant casings.


The specified casing is selected by considering the external pressure loading which is caused by geological formation, the depth of groundbed, the ratio of borehole diameter to casing diameter and the position of dynamic water level.
Perforated casings are provided with slots which run perpendicular to pipe axis, thus resulting in a minor decrease of collapse resistance as compared with pipes having
longitudinal slots.
The perforated (open) area covers minimum 20 % surface of the casing around anodes.


Installation Equipment / Accessories

  1. Hoisting devices for lifting and lowering of the pipe string
  2. Sump pipes for silt deposit
  3. Centralizers for centralization of casing in the borehole during installation
  4. Wooden plugs for fastening to the bottom end of casing or sump pipe
  5. Wooden clamps faced with leather for holding the casing on the ground level