Committed to service

Armin Industries is one of the first Middle eastern firm to specialize in cathodic protection. Our founding philosophy was based on the principles of providing great customer service and developing a deep understanding of customer needs, these same core principles still guide our company today.

Throughout our history we have always been privately owned by successive groups of employees that have risen through the organization. This ownership structure gives us a unique perspective on business and ensures that our stakeholders (customers, employees and partners), rather than shareholders, always come first. We offer consultation and project review as well as new system design. Our team is also specialized in the design of anode assembly options for difficult installations, whether that be the crowded internals of a pressure vessel, a sub-sea structure, or a large offshore platform.

Quality Management

Armin Industries commitment to providing a combination of unparalleled customer service with a deep understanding of customer needs, directs the focus of the quality management system and instills a modern Quality consciousness within a defined scope, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in all activities. By adopting a culture that embraces complete quality responsibility, beyond the basics of inspection and test, every team member is empowered to take the necessary steps to realize that commitment.