Our range covers the most common only used cables, with copper or Aluminum conductors and combination of PVC, XLPE, PE, HMWPE and PVDF insulation, depending on Cathodic protection application type and chloride contents of environment. The cables are supplied from manufactures which produce their goods in accordance with standards live IEC,BS,VDE,JIS control, testing & inspection to check every critical property such as DC resistance, insulation resistance, voltage test, attenuation, impedance capacitance for ( R.F and voiceb cables) and physical characteristics.

Cathodic Protection Cable Kynar

Where improved corrosion resistance is required as in many deep well applications, dual jacketed Kynar/HMWPE cable is recommended. Historically, anode cable is the most cause of failures is deep well anode systems. As cathodic protection anodes discharge current, high levels of chlorine gas can be generated. Chlorine gas is detrimental HMWPE insulation and the deterioration of the insulation will lead to failure of copper cable and loss of the anode in cathodic protection circuit.

With the dual insulated cable, the outer insulation jacket consists of standard HMWPE, which provides excellence physical properties such as abrasion resistance. The inner jacket consists of a homogenous wall of natural PVDF
flouropolymer (Kynar), which provides excellence resistance to chlorine attack. Kynar is also resistant to many other detrimental chemicals such as hydrochloric and sulfuric acid as well as petroleum hydrocarbons.


A direct earth burial, DC lead, cathodic protection cable for use in deep anode groundbed installations, designed to withstand corrosive gases.



Stranded bare copper conductor conforms to ASTM Specification B-8.


A homogeneous wall of natural PVDF fluoropolymer (Kynar) shall be extruded over the conductor.


Insulation is high molecular weight polyethylene conforming to ASTM-D-1248, Type 1, Class A, Category 5, Grades E4 and E5. Tensile Strengths Jl, J3. Available with high density polyethylene (Types II, III, IV) Class B and C (all colors). Surface printed. Custom printing available.

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